Sunday, November 20, 2011

A thought in my mind...

Tonight I sit here, and yet there are so many projects I want to accomplish. Too many to be exact. I love to design, I love to explore new materials, I love to use my hands and create something that brings happiness to someone else. Is there a job for that? I think the closest thing would be Graphic Design. Today i was told that I should become a Documentarian. That sounded like a lovely idea. I wouldn't mind that career one bit.  For example, I always was infatuated with the idea of photo shoots and how everyone was always focused on the subject. Yet at these photo shoots i never paid much attention to the subject being shot, i paid close attention to the photographer. I would pick up my camera and start taking photos of the photographer who was taking photos of their subject, hoping just for an instant to capture the magic of it all and the creative process the photographer is glowing with. Photography also has been a big part of my creative world. Documenting has always been in my mind, I always think to myself that i need to capture all that is around me.One day ill wake up and everything will be changed yet ill be too blind to to realize what has minutely changed around me. I always have a camera with me, i just want to capture those tiny moments and look back at them one day in awe.
Im not too sure but i guess im just going on and on.

I must say i think of myself as a simple person, i appreciate life's little things and i want to capture it all, well at least most of it. I love taking a photograph, drawing a giant art piece or creating something amazing for someone. With that said, theres a project in mind that i hope to start tomorrow and hopefully finish. My next project is a sewing project, i just hope i have a bit of the sewing talent that my mother has. If you can imagine it and it involves material my mother can make it. Hands down she knows everything about sewing. Well lets see how this goes, im off to buy all the supplies tomorrow, wish me luck.