Friday, January 27, 2012

First painting of mine..

I made a promise so im sticking to it. I shall blog every week, or at least try. I love to find out who is reading my blogs and just recently i found out someone- who i thought long forgot about me has read them. That meant a lot... but anywho! Im a graphic designer who has created many designs and logos along wiht giant charcoal drawings. Yet i have never picked up a brush and painted anything. Yes i kno hard to believe. Well i just never thought i could or would untill my friend Doodle and Jenn kinda planted that idea in my head that i should try it out.

All started yesterday, Thursday i believe when me and my best buddy in the whole world-Jen were just hanging out. Well we were up to no good as usuall, and just got bak from visiting a few missions around san antonio and getting lost. It dawned on me as we were hangning out that i should paint, or at least have a go at it. i believe i should at least try anything once. well jen still had all the painting supplies out from the other day, so i picke dup a brush and started painting. First time mind you. i noticed i kept putting myself down and saying that it wasnt good looking, but jenhen kept egging me on to keep at it. Well i set it up in 3 layers, ive finished 2 layers so far.. and here it is.

As usuall i love taking pics as "art works" are created. So i started painting n took pics along the way.. and yes thats a lone star beer! I kinda liked the way my first painting turned out. it seems as if this table i painted on is heading to california with me when the time comes. i have yet to finish this gun of mine, but its my first painting and im kinda amazed that i did that, i didnt even kno i had it in me.

Oh and big influence was The Killers! I had just bought their cd/dvd "Live at Royal Albert Hall" Pretty good music to listen to as i painted..I believe i am falling in love with the killers all over again. I used to be mesmorized with them in high school. Any who as i write this blog before i go to work i am listening to pandora and "Sex on fire"by kings of leon just finished. Oh and now the killers popped up again "under the gun" oh yay.. okay now im just getting carried away. Hop you enjoyed, Comment!