Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Its a step in the right direction...

        Shock, Astonishment, Taken Aback.. This is the way i felt as they said "....Coming in First Place/ Grand Prize Jaclyn Valdez!" In my mind i had no clue of what i would say or even do. I was in complete shock but some how my feet began to walk through the crowd to the microphone. I grabbed the mic and suddenly "Hi! Im Jaclyn Valdez... ". They wanted me to introduce myself as well as depict the inspiration of my art work. My grandmother is partially the reason i chose to have El Mariachi playing a trumpet. She is my inspiration, plain and simple. I was happy enough that my best friend Maria and my Grandmother showed. That right there made me as happy as i could be, what pushed it over the edge was my Dad being there. He never saw my art works displayed, i would tell him about it and he would always say "oh thats good". I was very disappointed when i had an art work in the San Antonio College Art Gallery and he didnt go view it. This i think, made up for it. He told me he was proud of me, Im sure that will forever be in my memories. Going into this Mariachi-Themed Art Exhibit, i never would have imagined that i would be walking away with first place. All i wanted to do was get my name out there and have a few people check out my art work. I had absolutely no idea that it would even sell! Geeze, tonight for sure is the night of surprises. 

Well it just goes to show you that if you believe in yourself and work as hard as you can you can achieve your dreams. I can honestly say that im proud of where i am. Never would have i thought that i would be here in this situation. Its a step in the right direction, a step to achieving my future. I hope to accomplish more. I just hope that next time i dont have to drink 2 glasses of wine in order to have the liquid courage to grab that mic. Although this is nothing compared to the 1,000+ audiance members that i had to talk to once, but thats another story, another blogg actually.

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