Friday, December 23, 2011

Pandora, such a distraction..

As of right now, this absolute second im listening to KC & the sunshine band- Boogie shoes.. im on pandora! If your wondering who is kc and the sunshine band, then i suggest you get it together and go explore music.. go on! get!

Any who, seeing how thats out of the way, i didnt even blog last week! I haven't even been to the gym, geeze i feel really guilty about all that. As it seems i do remember mentioning a few things in the past, such as the sewing project i was so wrapped up into. It was to be a surprise for a friend of mine who resides in virginia. It was an owl by the way.. i stumbled across the photo one day while on the web and thought "hey! i can make that, well at least ill try" It turned into a success, altho my photos that i took of the owl pillow i made seem to have disappeared. Just my luck.. well at least i have a pic on my phone.
Took me a few hours to start and finish this sucker, but i managed to do it.  The important thing is that the recipient aka Jessica loved it. i thought it could have been so much better. The above pic is the photo i stumbled across and the pic below is the only one i have of it being made. 
I think its not too shabby, if i say so myself. That there was my first actually sewing project n i completed it all on my own. i even showed my mom n she asked what pattern i used, i was proud to say "i didnt use any pattern at all!" Perhaps i shall make another owl, or another random item. Im not sure what will come in the future, right now actually im kinda distracted by the song thats being sung ...its "City" by Sara Bareilles on Pandora. Yes pandora yet again. I guess thats the mini blog for now. Tommorow is christmas eve and i absolutely must wrap a few gifts. Have a merry christmas.