Saturday, April 14, 2012

Regrets.. none at all.

First off... you should know that I'm still recovering from food poisoning and i have a pounding headache at the moment. yesterday morning i even got sent home from work.. thats how bad it was, and i felt really bad cuz i love my job! its the first job to where I'm excited to go to and it fun! okie I'm getting off track. but yea i ate a nacho that didn't agree with me a day or so ago and it was horrible, the other night i was all shaky and i couldn't eat anything with out gagging about it.. but I'm better kinda! no vomititng for me! yay! :) just a ginormous headache. but thats besides the point

My best friend Jennifer has a tattoo, her new ink. it reads "Forget regret or life is your's to miss" if you don't know where thats from its from RENT! one of our fav movies of all time. and rosario dawson.. omg.... *drools*... that quote is all i was thinking about as i was home yesterday. you see there was this concert going on, on 6th street Austin! The Parish to be exact, and one of my all time fav singers who I've been following since 09' was gonna play there... Kina Grannis. She's amazing, I'm sure she's gonna go far. Well seeing that she was just a town away i had my heart set on going as soon as i clocked out, little did i kno i had an obstacle to get around-my sickness- it wasn't fun... i think i slept all say yesterday and tried my hardest to eat some food. and once i was feeling at least 70% better i started thinking that i would sooo regret not seeing her. I thought when is the next time this is gonna come around? A few things you gotta know about me if you haven't already: One: i don't, can't and will not lie, i jus can't... it makes me feel too guilty- and if i do lie ill feel so bad that ill come back around and tell the truth.Two: i live life with no regrets because you truly don't kno how much time you have here on this earth. Three: I try not to let anyone down, i try my hardest on that one. With that being said i was gonna try my hardest to see one of my favorite artist, who was just a 45min drive away.

With my best friend jamming out to "Gotye-Somebody that i used to know" & a mix cd i made we ventured to austin! the whole time while i was driving i was hoping i wouldn't get or feel sick. i was pushing it, but then again thats why i had my health food right next to me. Once we got there we parked and little did i kno i parked by her tour bus. i was like a little kid all happy :) and when she took the stage i was all smiles.. i got a few good pics actually. it was amazing! i definitely don't regret going, had a headache the whole night, and fun fact! it was my first time on 6th street that i wasn't drinking... felt like i was a minor or something.

oh and i kno this has nothing to do with my art blog.. but hey! its my blog - i do what i want :)
amazing show, i don't regret it one bit. have a nice day now, off to my wonderful job i go.. well in a few.