Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On my mind..

Well im not proud of it yet i have been putting my art on hold this year. Why? well i come to terms that i am just scared off my ass of where it can lead. Thats just me i guess, i mean everyone has told me i have much potential and can flourish greatly. I guess the whole "money" things gets me. I create art and my huge charcoal drawings for people to see and enjoy, not necessarily to sell. I would be completely happy with people enjoying my art works and telling me their opinions, rather than them trying to buy them and have them away in their houses. Im not too sure but i fell like if people are going to start buying them then that pushes me to make even more art works. Im in the process! i guess i find it hard to part with a drawing that took up so much of my time, altho it does make me happy to kno that it brings someone else so much joy that they are willing to shell out money for it. I guess im just rambling on about money and art. oh well i guess that this is what the art blogg is for! more to come and hopefully its not of me rambling on and on..

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