Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Billboard Time!

So seems that i haven't blogged in quite a while. Here it goes in November 2011 i entered myself into "The Digital Art Show" hosted by Clear Channel Outdoor-San Antonio. Had it not been for the little birdy Diana i would not have entered it or heard about it. Well i kept putting it off, but one night i finally made the time to email my art works of The Elephant aka Homer, The bike aka Eighty-Sixed i wont place in the top 40 but at least the people of Clear Channel will get to view my artworks. Im that young artist just trying to make a name for myself.

To my surprise a week or so after i entered i received an email.. the first line read: " You won,"Elephant" made the top 40!! " I was in awe, yet again. Seems thats been happening a lot lately. Yet i get shocked rarely, its seems that my drawings are better that i think. I received conformation that The art work will run from December 5-18, 2011. Its December 13th today, and i have yet to view this (below) on a billboard. I think just seeing my name up there will amaze me. I shall go billboard hunting tomorrow to find all the locations. Don't get me wrong the publicity is great, yet all that really matters is that my Elephant is viewed, im not looking to make any money or anything. I just want to get my name out there. Already i have a few request and that is amazing. Guess this week im gonna be a busy little bee and drawing my heart out. 

As for the locations they sent me a lovely little map. So get out there San Antonio! I already recieved a few photos of my billboard, but i want a bunch. I have this idea in mind to make a collage. Thats an idea that is likely to turn into a project. Below is a map, so if you spot it, snap a pic!! Thats all for now
Hope u have a lovely day, although its all rainy and foggy here today in San Antonio.
If the photo is too small to view the locations, here are the 5 locations:
281 @ Paso Del Norte
1604 s/o Hanover Cove
1604 @ Braun
IH-10 @ Fredericksburg
IH-35 @ SW Military

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