Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jumping Back In

Hey there stranger! its a new year, im kinda scared shitless. Needles to say this year is going to include many changes in my life. This is an art blog, yes? There fore i shall talk about art and leave the personal shtuff out. Well some, after all it is my blog anyways and its all about me. Well having that said im now officially 23, and im planning to move to california to start my career. Yes, you read correctly. Hope it doesn't fall through. Its the swift kick i need to make that career blossom. I have a lot riding on this, ive only told my parents, my brother, and a handful of friends. Now you know, see so dont say i didnt tell you. No worries, i have a plan, a magnificent plan.

Besides the move i have a website under construction, its going good so far, except that i have a virus on this here mac. Plan to get it fixed soon. With this year many events have taken place, people have come and gone, one particularly made such an impact that it threw me off of art for a while. Then i thought to myself, this is not me. New Year New Me! I always am a happy go lucky person there for i took a step back and fixed myself and took life by the horns. Since then ive been happy, well getting there little by little. I guess that explains my absence from this blog.

Yet over this time ive had many projects and plan to give all of them my best effort. Theres too many things i have to do and so little time. I love that im busy, makes the days go by effortlessly. Ill keep you posted, and a giant thankyou to those who have kept reading my blogs even when i didnt blog at all. I think i managed to go about a month of no blogs? Yet the numbers of views kept climbing. There for i shall blog every week at least and post my projects here. Some are very interesting, yet im not telling just yet.


  1. I don't think you could (or should ^^) divide between personal things and art in your blog. The special thing about a blog and the creation of art is to see the process of the crestion itself and this is connected to who you are and what happens inside your head and outside in your world. I would love to read about your art as well as yourself :)

    1. And please remove the word verification for comments. Blogger now uses two words and even the bloggers with thousand of visits had just really rar events of spam in the comment section :)

      But it is always... a little bit difficult to decipher the two words. Yes, I am no robot... but that doens't mean that I can decipher strange, smeared words ;)