Monday, February 27, 2012


Its been 13 days since Valentines day, irrelevant i kno, but thats how long it has taken me to blog about what i created for my Valentine. For all of you who kno me, know that i don't give out the ordinary gift, be it christmas, your birthday or whatever the occasion. I try to go over and beyond of the ordinary and try to create something that will leave an impact. I try this on an everyday basis, try to leave a tiny foot print, honestly because what if tomorrow never comes? I want to at least kno i gave it my all, you follow? Any who thats besides the point, i think I'm going off track and using too many comas.

Back to Valentines day! I asked Peacock (yes thts her name) to be my valentine, i think i asked on the 12th so that only gave me 2 days to come up with something. My brain went on creative overload and tried to think of something amazing... i came up with a simple hand made card. For xmas she gave me a pop up card, so i decided to give her a pop-up peacock card, i thought "this should be simple".. i was wrong. From start to finish it took me approximately 4 hours to create such a card. I was determined to finish it and took photos along the way. Below to the left is an image i came across researching, to the right is my finished product. Keep in mind i didn't have any template nor did i have any instructions on how to achieve this look.

That one image is all i had to work with, so i knew it was was possible, yet the construction was the most difficult part, i had a demo.. that didn't turn out so well. So instead i dove in head first and decided to draw & cut on my card stock i was using for the final piece. Something you're not supposed to do, yes i kno but it gave me the pressure to not mess up & be dead on accurate with that exact knife i was using.

For some reason I've become fascinated with the "design process" that is taken to create anything, wheather  it be a painting a drawing or in this case a difficult card. So i took a bunch of photos and below is the finished product. When it was complete, I loved the card and almost didn't want to give it away. Yet i knew she would appreciate it, one artist to another. Besides thats my favorite part, when giving something away that took so much time to create, to the person it was meant for. She loved it by the way, from what she told me "Omg Jackie i think I'm gonna cry" or something along those lines.. thats how i knew 4 hours is nothing if it brings another person joy. 

Skinny Love- Bon Iver <-- current song thats blasting thru my mac as i write this, very good song, i suggest you take a gander and listen to it. But I'm not gonna be pushy.. only if you want. Sorry for now writing in my blog! there more to come, promise you that.. I have a ton of projects in the works. Until then...

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