Thursday, March 1, 2012

You don't kno what you have until its gone

I did it! I'm back in the game, a "little bird" helped me out and now i finally have Abobe Creavite Suite on my mac. Am i ecstatic? Of coarse, did i jump up and down in excitement the minute it said Loading Complete- well no i guess i have a way of bottling those things up. its not that i contain my feeling i guess I'm jus sooo good at it. I can finally get back into the design world, you have no clue how depressed i got when i saw a logo or a cover on a magazine that i knew i could make a tad bit better, of coarse i never had it on my Laptop.. like the saying goes- "You don't kno what you have until its gone" true story. all thru school while i was obtaining my graphics design degree i took photoshop for granite, that was about 1 year ago... such a long year. Now that i have it i promise ill make the most of it and already  have created a logo for a client! :) yay!

Now for something random. Yesterday i was hanging with my bestie and painting and jamming out as usual. Now i don't consider myself a painter, and earlier at work i was talking about how I'm kinda scared of painting.. basically without getting into specifics i was thinking about what a co worker told me. She said something along the lines of- Don't be scared of painting, were u scared of drawing when you first started? My answer was no.. i just went for it. So i went for it, in painting that is. A few weeks ago i posted about my first painting- the gun. On this same table i then painted my octopus. Not really mine.. seeing that it wasn't my idea to begin with. I do take credit for the painting and creating it, not so much the idea. Right now I'm babbling on, for some reason i always get hyper around this time and have no clue what to do.. any who. here it is, and hey! my favorite song just came on!  THE LAST KISS- J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers

forgive me for the bad angles, it was taken on my laptop n it was very dark outside... 

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