Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cranking out a few creations...

holy moly its been a month already? time flies! the last time I've written was march 1st, it is now april, and the months names isn't the only thing that has changed, many things have changed. All for the good tho, i realized I've been putting my moto into use these few months. the whole "live life to the fullest & no regrets" type of thing. as for the art world, i admit, well i shamefully admit that I've been slacking in that department, but i am determined to make it up. true.. i did do a few drawings for a few tattoos but I'm talking about the giant charcoal drawings thats my specialty... that or my portfolio that is collecting dust. i gotta step it up and crank out a few creations! as soon as i get that special item i ordered in the mail, guaranteed ill be drawing up a storm.

What i really wanted to write about was this tattoo i drew for a friend at work, Kiara aka Kiki Brown. (right now my favorite song just popped up and made me lose my chain of thought... Crying-RoyOrbison)
okay... now that thats outta the way.. but yes! kiara one day asked if i could design a tattoo rocketship for her, she was surprised the very next day when i had 6 drawn up for her. it surprised me too, didn't kno i would do that many. well i let her have her pick and she custom created the rocket of her choice. it shall be permanent on her skin as of today at 3! Keep in mind that I've only ever created 2 tattoos that have been tattooed on people, so this is kinda a big deal for me. the first tattoo i created was for my ex, and she still has it on her :) yay!

 Im sure my mind is all over the place right now. i just woke up, i partied last night, i have the music turned up all the way(its 1961 oldies if u were wondering), and I'm trying to write all this & edit photos. i guess I'm not writing as much due to the music and how i just want to sing ... right now Del Shannon "Runaway" just came on and i can't help but think of her, and if ur wondering I'm talking about Miss.V. Its horrible to think about and to kno how it all ended and the way it ended but i guess it made me stronger. if u have no clue what I'm talking about then good! spare urself the story of which i had to tell a hundred times.

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